NEW Rockstar Diamonds & Shatter Sauce!

NEW Rockstar Diamonds & Shatter Sauce!

Introducing our latest Shatterizer Family innovation: Rockstar Diamonds & Shatter Sauce. Available in Ontario May 28th!

Crafted with love and hydro-carbon precision, this extract combines Rockstar strain THCa diamonds with our shatter based sauce, all extracted from Rockstar itself, creating a powerful 80% - 88% THC + highly potent dab.

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Our unique Rockstar Shatter concentrated sauce enriches the THCa diamond experience, infusing the very essence of Rockstar into each powerful perfect cloud.

Our Rockstar Diamonds & Shatter Sauce is flavourful, smooth and complex. Our Rockstar shatter sauce adds depth, making each dab a memorable hit medley of Rockstar THCa Diamonds featured in Rockstar Shatter Sauce.


Made with dedication and the finest tuned extraction methods, this concentrate showcases our Shatterizing commitment to the highest level of perfection, coming directly from the heart of the Rockstar Strain!