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We are so thankful for all the love, support and even more #PerfectClouds! 
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We’ll be celebrating with Kushy Kushy #PerfectClouds … and that our NEW 8 Ball Kush Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll (1 Gram) is now AVAILBE! 

This joint is Shatterized, rolled up and then rolled in Kief for double the Kushy Kushy pre-rolled #PerfectClouds with 36-44% THC!

Tripling the trichomes with flower, shatter and kief is a combination you can bank on for the highest quality of flavours and potency Alberta! 


The 8 Ball Kush Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll 1 Gram is sealed by hand for perfection, with a Dutch Roll style fold.

 It is hand dipped in kief for a perfectly even crystally coating. 

The 8 Ball Kush shatter infused 8 Ball Kush cannabis flower is done with low temperature technology for the highest level of terpene flavour preservation. 

Look for even more perfect clouds and even more infused good news …

Rolling out in threes… We’ll be showcasing an array of limited different strains in a variety of Shatterized products!


We’ve got Shatterized new “FEATURES” featuring our favourite strains and favourite products. 

Learn more about our features here on our new FEATURED PAGE!


Our First Featured Strain is GARLIC JELLY… and our First Featured Product is Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls (3 x ½ gram)! Welcome to the Family …

Garlic Jelly Indica is grown from Garlic Cookies and Jelly Breath. 

With a range in THC from 30 – 38 % our highly potent Garlic Jelly cannabis flower and shatter pre-roll pairing leads to perfect clouds and maybe even cookie breath…Enjoy tastefully pronounced and peppered rose petals from farnesene and caryophyllene and savour the refreshing lemon grass from limonene and myrcene


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8 Ball Kush Shatter (1 Gram) Our 8 Ball Kush is a solid Shatter that looks good from all angles!


New to the Shatterizing Family? READ OUR STORY about our family business,  see HOW TO ENJOY EXTRACTS like we do, and learn more about Shatterizer Extracts and #PerfectClouds in our GLOSSARY of TERPS & TERMS!

Please enjoy very responsibly!

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