We are thrilled to share British Columbia, our MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter is COMING SOON and to be available in select BC Cannabis Store licensed retailers and online.

We are so thankful for all the love, support and even more ultra #PerfectClouds!
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MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter has ARRIVED

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MK ULTRA Shatterizer Shatter (1 Gram)

This well-known yet classified and historic INDICA has an OG KUSH and G-13 lineage.

Let’s be clear, our MK Ultra Shatter is breakable, transparent and was experimented upon to achieve extract perfection. 

Solvents were removed to limit any disturbance to this strain’s natural composition. During the process, terpene profiles were perfectly preserved through the delicate and precise control of temperature and pressure.

The cloves of Caryophyllene is a terpene profile that won’t go unnoticed. Identifying the Nerolidol, with a slight tangerine colour and a hint of orange blossom, is easy. Our MK Ultra’s top attributes can’t be kept secret.

The earthy Humulene terpene taste will keep you grounded in flavour. You will recognize the lime/lemon refreshing Limonene terpene. 

Each and every LOT of our Shatterizer Extract product is unique to cannabis flowers grown, enjoy subtle and slight varieties in THC/CBD levels, taste, colour and textures!

Learn more about our LOTS in our Shatterizer Extracts FAQ!

Our MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter is forthcoming and strong in both flavours and effects … Please enjoy very responsibly!

About this Product

BRAND MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter
POTENCY Very Strong
THC 71-82 % / 710 mg/g -820 mg/g
CBD 0 – 8% / 0 mg/g – 80 mg/g
PLANT TYPE Indica Dominant
EXTRACTION PROCESS Proprietary Blend of Hydrocarbons
TERPENES Caryophyllene, Humulene, Nerolidol, Limonene
GROW METHOD Greenhouse
GROW MEDIUM Soil Substitute
GROW ROOM LIGHTING High Pressure Sodium Lighting


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