Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to our products!

Why enjoy VERY responsibly?

If you are NEW to extracts and concentrated cannabis and you want to dab-ble… we are going to use some common cliché catch-phrases, so PLEASE catch our drift …
- A little dab will do you!
- Less is more
- Start low and go slow
- You will feel the affects and effects immediately. 

We caution you with the official and very strong warning: THC Stop-tional … Extracts and concentrates are highly potent! 

You may experience the effects for up to 6 hours ... 
Try with one or two hits, until it hits you!

How do I open the packaging … *%^@?

Our shatter packaging is CR – child-resistant – the black pouch is re-zip-able for locked up safety, every time. Here is a close up and it’s best to do with dry hands …

Our live wax containers come in child-resistant recyclable black plastic with a beautiful glass jar on the inside.

It is intuitive to open like over-the-counter medications. Push, squeeze, turn top to unlock. Screw the top back on to lock! It’s reusable and you’ll be pleased to keep it in your collection for safe storage. 


Why do some products look & taste different? 

Our strain-specific Shatterizer Extract products are produced in Lots of “thousands” of units. Each Lot of product comes from a unique lot of cannabis flower that’s been grown, harvest and extracted, showing the beautiful natural nuances in terpene and cannabinoid content from lot to lot. Sometimes this can affect the aesthetic of the concentrate too!  

We love that each and every lot of Shatterizer Extracts is authentic and unique to the cannabis flowers grown. This is an opportunity to enjoy different strain attributes and experience a subtle and slight variety in taste, flavour, colour, texture and THC/CBD levels.     


How do I know which Lot I have? 

Look for the Lot number on the packaging and you will be able to track the different Lots you have consumed! We will share lot information for each and every product on our website as they come into circulation!  


What is __________?

Visit our Terms Terps section: a glossary, a quick guide of definitions … HERE! For a lot more information!

What is that WRAP?

Our wrapper is highly pressed semi-translucent paper - shaped like an envelope. This glassine material is used to preserve precious stamps, priceless paintings, favourite foods and fireworks. Glassine is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

How are your extracts and concentrates made?

Only fresh cannabis inputs are used with a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons - in all extraction processes. Special attention is paid to preserving the flavour and producing high-quality extracts. Everything is tested to ensure the highest standards are met in every batch we produce.

Where does your cannabis come from?

Specially sourced and selected from the finest growers across Canada, we look for flower with the right characteristics, from THC levels to terps and flavanoids, to create the perfect extracts. 

Where do your extracts and concentrates get made?

Shatterizer Extracts are made with love in Ontario, using the highest-levels of science, technology and quality extraction methods and processes. 

Shatter Textures & Terps

Shatters, like most extracts, hate extreme heat (melting in the summer), extreme cold (shattering/hardening in the freezer) and any kind of variation in between (sugaring). The instability of the elements naturally lead to sugaring or nucleation, the product evolves. This natural process changes texture and consistency, brings out the strong level of terpenes, more flavours and good news, has no change on potency. It will be an awesome product experience due to high levels of terps and potency, however texture will evolve and sugar.  

In our cold Canadian winter climate and with our warm delivery, and all the variations in between, from us to you, it’s easy to disrupt the balance in temperature through transport and through storage (drastically and multiple times). 

Shatter prefers an ambient and stable 19 C – to remain perfectly balanced. Higher level of terpenes leads to more flavours and malleability (pull and snap and snakeable textures) and less stability/consistency in textures (learn more in our terps and terms glossary).  

As we push for extracts innovation for our favourite styles of “pull and snap” or “snake-able” shatter textures, we are also straining to stay true to each and every LOT of cannabis in field. With a priority on flavours and terpene preservation, we want to be transparent - sometimes our extra high terpene batches of extracts may naturally sugar or nucleate (especially in the wintertime).  Enjoy the taste and the highest quality Please email us anytime with any questions 

Where to find Shatterizer Extracts

Shatterizer Extracts are COMING SOON across Canada, and NOW AVAILABLE in ... 


We are thrilled to share in ONTARIO, our Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax & 8 Ball Kush Shatter and White Widow Shatter and NEW SLURRICANE Shatter are now available in select Ontario licensed retailers and online through We are so thankful for all the love, support and even more #PerfectClouds.

To find an retailer near you visit:  


Perfect Clouds in Saskatchewan!

Our new White Widow Shatter and 8 Ball Kush Shatter are now available in Saskatchewan! Please read more here:



#PerfectClouds predicted in BRITISH COLUMBIA! Thank YOU Extracts family for supporting our NEW MK ULTRA SHATTER!


We're delighted to be officially in ALBERTA! Read more here Shatterizer Extracts Family: We can hardly wait for a WEB of KUSHY #PerfectClouds with our 8 Ball Kush Shatter and White Widow Shatter! 


How can I join the Shatterizer Extracts Family? 

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