Perfect Packaging

Our Shatterizer Shatter comes in 1 Gram, in a convenient and classy envelope.
We decided to offer ½ grams of Gorilla Blueberry OG LIVE WAX – why? 

Cannabis extracts have higher potency than cannabis flower. Our Shatterizer Family is growing and we welcome new cannabis concentrate consuming Canadians.

Please enjoy very responsibly. We want our family to enjoy a variety of new extract products! Thank You for enjoying them as much as we do!

Good News: We now offer our 8 Ball Kush Shatter in 1 Gram as well! In Ontario, Saskatchewan and coming soon to Alberta! Our child-resistant pouch (above in black) with glassine wrap (biodegradable) is an authentic, convenient and safe way to store and travel with your shatter. 

Our NEW MK Ultra Shatter Packaging (with sticker): Light-weight, oil and moisture resistant, our glassine (biodegradable) wrap is non-absorbent and perfect for protecting your MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter… It’s traditional packaging for pull and snap shatter. 

Our plastic child-resistant container with glass jar is a beautiful and safe way to store and travel with your extracts.  

All our packaging is top shelf and applies safety, freshness and cannabis industry best practices. 

Enjoy our Shatterizer Extracts a lot? Enjoy by the lot.

We love that each and every lot of Shatterizer Extracts is authentic and unique to the cannabis flowers grown. This is an opportunity to enjoy different strain attributes and experience a subtle and slight variety in taste, flavour, colour, texture and THC/CBD levels.  

Look for the Lot number on the packaging and you will be able to track the different Lots you have consumed! Read our FAQ for more info!

Our NEW White Widow Shatter is available (1 Gram ONLY) in Ontario, Saskatchewan and coming soon to Alberta!