Glossary - Terms & Terps!

Dab-bling in extracts and concentrates? Here are some of our favourite terms you may hear and terps you may taste. We are learning all the time, so please enjoy this topline dictionary, a glossary and a brief guide:

A-Pinene – Terpene associated with pine needles of the pine tree, conifers and sage

B-Myrcene – Terpene associated with lemongrass, cloves, herbs, musk and mangos

Beta-Caryophyllene – Terpene associated with cinnamon, basil, oregano, black pepper, cloves, rosemary, gas or diesel fuel

Bisabolol –  Terpene associated with chamomile and fresh flowers

Cedrene – Terpene associated with cedar, amber and sandalwood

CR – Child resistant and child proof - to the highest standards

Dabbing – More than a dance move … it’s the action of consuming cannabis extracts – taking a dab!

Farnesene -  Terpene associated with green apples, grape, grapefruit and rose

Fresh Frozen – cannabis that is frozen immediately after harvest to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes/ flavour, aka flash frozen

Full spectrum – whole flower inclusion as the cannabis input – highly beneficial

Glassine – biodegradable, recyclable, air resistant, water-resistant and a perfect wrap for shatter

Humulene – Terpene associated with wood, earth, coriander, cilantro, hops

Kush – associated with mountains, cannabis landrace strains and indica

Limonene – Terpene associated with lemons, limes, citrus, junipers

Linalool – Terpene associated with lavender, mint, birch, rosewood, fresh flowers 

Live – freshly frozen cannabis, non-cured and non-dried

Lots – every lot of product is unique to cannabis flowers grown, enjoy subtle and slight varieties in THC/CBD levels, taste, colour and texture (also referred to as batch)

Lot Numbers – as a new lot comes into circulation, we will share a lot of info on our website - there is lots to love! Please see the packaging (see FAQ to learn a lot more)  

Nerolidol – Terpene associated with citronella, ginger, orange peel and orange blossom, jasmine

OG – stands for an “ocean grown” cannabis strain, originally a cannabis plant grown oceanside

#PerfectClouds – that is defined by you!

Shatter – extracted cannabis concentrates that are solvent-based

Terpenes – natural occurring flavours and aromas in cannabis

Terpineol – Terpene associated with lilacs, eucalyptus and parsnip

Terpinolene – Terpene associated with fresh wood, pine and cedar

Trans-Caryophyllene – Terpene associated with pepper, wood, cloves, basil, rosemary

Wax – oven-baked and whipped concentrated cannabis extract

Winterization – removes fats and lipids at frigid cold temps to produce quality and flavour and creates high purity extracts

Wrap – glassine envelope wrap your shatter comes in – air, water and oil resistant