HOW TO Enjoy Extracts!

#PerfectClouds in the forecast Shatterizer family! Our preferred method is vaporization. Vaporization is a very smooth, fast and flavourful way to consume cannabis extracts!  

This can be accomplished through personal portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, rigs or other devices. Vaping is a great way to consume cannabis extracts. 

Please be very cautious in the strength of your draw or inhalation! Please take one or two little puffs to start and wait to feel the effects! Please enjoy very responsibly.

Best tips and tricks to enjoy the perfect extract experience:

Make sure your extract is loaded directly on the heat source or coil… it all comes down to personal preference for consumption of extracts or concentrates.

Ceramic coils are known for flavour. Quartz coils are known for cloud size.

Please see the differences between our Shatterizer ceramic CTECH or quartz QDC coils … also how to load by clicking on the video below!

For coils - a little dab will do you! Use the amount of a snowflake, BB pellet, raindrop or approximately 1/10 gram. 

Why is cleaning and replacing coils important? For the fullest taste, even vaporization and longevity of your coils, clean your coils and vaporizer often. 


It’s simple to do and will allow you to experience the freshest and cleanest flavours and #PerfectClouds. 

Enjoy our Shatterizer Extracts a lot? Enjoy by the lot.

We love that each and every lot of Shatterizer Extracts is authentic and unique to the cannabis flowers grown. This is an opportunity to enjoy different strain attributes and experience a subtle and slight variety in taste, flavour, colour, texture and THC/CBD levels.  

Look for the Lot number on the packaging and you will be able to track the different Lots you have consumed! Read our FAQ for more info!  

Shatter Textures & Terps

Shatters, like most extracts, hate extreme heat (melting in the summer), extreme cold (shattering/hardening in the freezer) and any kind of variation in between (sugaring). The instability of the elements naturally lead to the product evolving - sugaring or nucleation. This natural process changes texture and consistency, bringing out strongest level of terps +7% in some lots, meaning more flavour. There are no changes in potency!

In our cold Canadian winter climate and with our warm delivery, and all the variations in between, from us to you, it’s easy to disrupt the balance in temperature through transport and through storage (drastically and multiple times).  

Shatter prefers an ambient and stable 19 C – to remain perfectly balanced. Higher level of terpenes leads to more flavours and malleability (pull and snap and snakeable textures) and less stability/consistency in textures (learn more in our terps and terms glossary).   

As we push for extracts innovation for our favourite styles of “pull and snap” or “snake-able” shatter textures, we are also straining to stay true to each and every LOT of cannabis in field. With a priority on flavours and terpene preservation, we want to be transparent - sometimes our extra high terpene batches of extracts may naturally sugar or nucleate (especially in the wintertime).  Enjoy the taste and the highest quality Please email us anytime with any questions