Happy 420 Shatterizer Extracts Family!

Happy 420 Shatterizer Extracts Family!

420 - It's one of our favourite holidaze … filled with #PerfectClouds, HAPPY APRIL 20th 2023 Shatterizer Family! We are so happy it’s 420 and SKY’S THE LIMITS! The #PerfectClouds are Rolling Out and Rolling In for 420 and all spring. It’s 4:20 am/pm somewhere! Is it almost 420?

We are pleased to be celebrating with a rainbow of extracts and we’re INFUSED with good news and a showcase of NEW FEATURES! Ground Up Legendary OG Shatterizer Milled Flower and Shatterized Pre-Rolled Garlic Jelly INFUSED Perfection ½ grams x 3 …

Happy 2nd Birthday! Thank you to our Shatterizer Family in: ONTARIO  , SASKATCHEWAN, MANITOBA, ALBERTA and right across Canada …

With even more good INFUSED news, recently FEATURED in Saskatchewan! Thank you to our growing extracts friends!

From sunrise to sunset, we’re LIT UP shatterizing and celebrating 420 All ways in ALWAYS! It’s going to be an ULTRA celebration …

and if you are looking for a new concentrates vaporizer learn more about our portable BUBBLER by Shatterizer, questions please contact us – info@shatterizer.com


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AND please enjoy our family of products, as much as we do!

MK Ultra Shatter
Look for #PerfectClouds in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

White Widow Shatter 
Find #PerfectClouds in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario  

8 Ball Kush Shatter
Available across Canada and in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax
Feel fresh frozen and winterized #PerfectClouds in Ontario

FEATURED Garlic Jelly Shatter Infused ½ Gram Pre-Rolls (3 Pack)
Special to Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta

FEATURED Legend OG Shatter Infused 2 Gram Milled Flower
Special to Ontario

Slurricane Shatter
Always in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 Vape Cartridge 
Filled with pure Shatter and pure #PerfectClouds in Ontario, Manitoba

8 Ball Kush Shatter Double Infused 1 Gram Pre-Roll (coated in Kief)
Rolling out in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario, for kushy kushy #PerfectClouds! 

Enjoy April 20th 2023 and Wishing you and your family and friends, the happiest 420 fulfilled with #PerfectClouds! Thank you for all the LOVE!    

Val & Matt