Happy 2nd Birthday Shatterizer Extracts Family!

Happy 2nd Birthday Shatterizer Extracts Family!

Dear Shatterizer Family, 

We’re so Happy to be celebrating the 2-year Cannaversary of Shatterizer Extracts!

#PerfectClouds always in all ways! Thanks for making our Shatterizer concentrate vaporizers a beloved device across Canada and supporting our family business!  We’re BUBBLIN’ with excitement to announce, it’s been 2 years since we our launched our 8 Ball Kush Shatter, MK Ultra Shatter and Gorilla Blueberry OG LIVE Wax…   

We’re so THANKFUL that the cannabis community loves our Shatterizers and all our extracts as much as we do! 

Over the past two years, we’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop our portfolio of products. The exciting opportunity has allowed us to share our love of extracts with Canadians! White Widow Shatter, Slurricane Shatter and our newly innovate shatterizing infusions … We’re thrilled with the success of our 8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 Vape Cart and 8 Ball Kush Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll, we love those Kushy Kushy Clouds!  

Good News in 2023 – we’re releasing new Shatterizer FEATURES! 

This new showcase of products features an array of our favourite strains, changing cultivars, for a limited time, in special new formats. These new features will launch throughout 2023… and we’re heading into a Rockstar Summer! We’ve promised #PerfectClouds every time with our renowned vaporizers, accessories and extracts, and now we’re shatterizing in all ways, with our cannabis flower, perfectly infused with our extracts! Thrilled to announce our featured Garlic Jelly Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls in a three pack (3 x 0.5 g) and Legend OG Kush Infused Milled Flower (2 g) were recently released...with more exciting announcements to come! 

Wishing you even more #PerfectClouds!

Thank You Shatterizer Family!

Val & Matt