There’s LOTS NEW in Ontario!

There’s LOTS NEW in Ontario!

ONTARIO – you’ve shattered our expectations – THANK YOU for the love and support, #PerfectClouds across Ontario! Please see our NEW Shatterizer Family page built for Ontario, with a NEW Video! 

#GoodNews LOTS more of our Shatterizer Extracts - 8 Ball Kush Shatter and Gorilla Blueberry OG LIVE Wax have ARRIVED and are NOW available on store shelfs!  

To find an retailer near you visit: Please call ahead to confirm Shatterizer Extracts have ARRIVED!   

Each and every LOT of our Shatterizer Extract product is unique to cannabis flowers grown, enjoy subtle and slight varieties in THC/CBD levels, taste, colour and textures! 

Look for the Lot number on the packaging and you will be able to track the different Lots enjoyed and there’s a lot to enjoy! Please enjoy very responsibly! We will share lot information for each and every product on our website as they come into circulation! AND LOTS of Shatterizer Extracts have arrived in Ontario!

8 Ball Kush Shatter  - READ MORE HERE!

Within this lot you may hit notes of limonene’s zesty lemon.

LOT 332 
Within this lot smell the roses and green apple of farnesene. 

Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax – READ MORE HERE!

Within this lot enjoy the sweetness of musky mango from the B-Myrcene terpene and the woody, earthy Humulene terpene will grow on you!

LOT 118
Within this lot the woody, earthy Humulene terpene will grow on you!
Within this lot you will love the lilac linger of terpineol. 

It’s going to be a Shatterizing Summer with even more #PerfectClouds on the horizon and across Canada Extracts Family! Please join us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!