Thank You Leafly - Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Thank You Leafly - Holiday Gift Guide 2021
It’s a real gift that our White Widow Shatterizer Shatter was mentioned in Leafly Canada’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021. It’s so nice to be on this nice list of great cannabis products and companies! Please visit the full holiday guide filled with the highest recommendations and #PerfectClouds right here:
 Leafly Canada holiday gift guide 2021 - Leafly

Here’s what our friends at Leafly had to say:

White Widow Shatter is a testament to the hard-working folks at Shatterizer Extracts and lives up to the strain’s historic roots. It reminds me of legacy market shatter that can be bent and manipulated.
This shatter can snap as it should, but it can also be rolled into a ball or ribbon for DIY-infused joints. They have perfected their extraction process to preserve trichomes, terpenes, and flavours.

And we are so honoured ... and GOOD NEWS: Our White Widow Shatter is now available in Saskatchewan, Ontario and coming soon to Alberta!


We are thrilled to share in ONTARIO, our Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax & 8 Ball Kush Shatter and White Widow Shatter are now available in select Ontario licensed retailers and online through 

To find an retailer near you visit: 


Perfect Clouds in Saskatchewan!

Our new White Widow Shatter and 8 Ball Kush Shatter are now available in Saskatchewan! Please read more here:


We're delighted to be coming soon to ALBERTA in December 2021! Read more here Shatterizer Extracts Family: 

We can hardly wait for a WEB of KUSHY #PerfectClouds with our 8 Ball Kush Shatter and White Widow Shatter!