Rockstar Shatterizer Family!

Rockstar Shatterizer Family!

Made for our Rockstar Shatterizer Family, our triple infused 1 gram pre-roll is a triple hit of Rockstar Flower, Shatter, Diamonds and Kief!
Please reach out to our ROCKSTAR Shatterizer Family in Ontario!

Chloe Fox of Western Ontario (905) 802-0699 

Kayla Garner of Eastern Ontario (289) 893-1221

  Greg Venditti of Ontario (647) 821-7220
With high notes of farnesene, in orchestrated concert with crisp humulene and down to earth caryophyllene, taste and THC band together. With an entourage of flavours, Shatterizer’s medley of Rockstar Flower, Shatter, Diamonds and Kief, take centre stage!

 It’s a triple hit, tripling the #PerfectClouds with Shatter, Diamonds & Kief. Our flavourfully cured and potent Rockstar cannabis flower is evenly concentrated with golden shatter and THCa diamonds for a range of 40-48% in THC. 
This innovative triple hit infusion of shatterized flower, enriched with diamonds, is perfectly pre-rolled and hand spun in kief, tripling the height, taste and density of #PerfectClouds Rockstar Shatterizer Family!
THC 40-48%
Terpenes 5-9%
CBD 0-1%
100% Rockstar
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