NEW Slurricane Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll Rolling Out!

NEW Slurricane Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll Rolling Out!

We've got double infused flurri-canes of Good News Shatterizer Family in Ontario! Our NEW Slurricane Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll has arrived! 

Made with love and Slurricane flower, infused with Slurricane Shatter and hand-coated in kief crystals ... hmmmmm... this 1 Gram double infused pre-roll rolls in at 36 - 44% THC.   

Shatterizer’s Slurricane comes from Purple Punch and Dosido lines. It is a MERRY and berry fruit forward Indica strain, and extracts perfectly with creamy and rich, violet tinted trichomes. To learn more about our Slurricane Shatter - visit us here!

The line-up of terpenes will dance a Dosido in your mouth, with a punch of purple grape that’s a hit! This joint is Shatterized, rolled up and then rolled in Kief for the highest level #PerfectClouds. 

The perfectly cured flower, infused shatter and coated kief is a Slurricane of flavours and potency (36-44%).

Please reach out to Shatterizer Family in Ontario for MORE INFO!

Greg Venditti of Ontario (647) 821-7220


Chloe Fox of Western Ontario (905) 802-0699 

Kayla Garner of Eastern Ontario (289) 893-1221

Our NEW Slurricane Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll is sealed by hand for perfection, with a Dutch Fold for the highest performance!

It is then hand-dipped in kief for a perfectly even crystally coating outside finish. The Slurricane shatter infused with Slurricane cannabis flower is done with low temperature tech for the highest level of terpene preservation. 

Using the highest levels of science, tech and quality extraction methods and fresh cannabis inputs selected from the finest in Canada, we are pleased to welcome our NEW Slurricane Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll to the Shatterizer Family!