New FEATURES Shatterizer Family in 2023

New FEATURES Shatterizer Family in 2023

We’ve got Shatterized New Features…  Featuring our Favourite New Strains Shatterizer Family! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our FEATURE product Line-Up. 

We’ll be bringing a fresh array of different cultivars to highlight a showcase of #PerfectClouds! We’ll always have infused good news on the horizon, featuring our favourite flower and shatter perfected!


First Feature is NOW AVAILABLE IN ALBERTA Featuring Garlic Jelly Infused Pre-Rolls, Our Featured Garlic Jelly Indica is grown from Garlic Cookies and Jelly Breath.

With a range in THC from 30 – 38 % our highly potent Garlic Jelly cannabis flower and shatter pairing leads to perfect clouds and maybe even cookie breath… Enjoy tastefully pronounced and peppered rose petals from farnesene and caryophyllene and savour the refreshing lemon grass from limonene and myrcene.   

Rolling out in threes, we have the perfect on the go, pre-prepared shatter and flower pairing. Enjoy our Shatterizer Featured Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls that are Shatterized, and rolled up for even more perfect clouds every where and any time!

Look for our featured favourite strains of flower and shatter on the horizon, with an array of highlighted cultivars in the line-up and please sign-up for our family newsletter here: 


Our Second Shatterizer Feature arrives in Ontario this WINTER!
Legendary #PerfectClouds in the FUTURE ...