Manitoba – Welcome to the Shatterizer Extracts Family!

Manitoba – Welcome to the Shatterizer Extracts Family!

Coming Soon ... 

Family and friends in Manitoba, we’re sincerely thrilled to share our Shatterizer Extracts are now available. Perfect Clouds in the forecast and on the horizon this October! Good News Manitoba!   

Click the below NEW products Manitoba for more Shatterizing information on our favourite strains: 

Slurricane Shatter

White Widow Shatter

MK Ultra Shatter

8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 Vape Cart

8 Ball Kush Double Infused Pre-Roll

8 Ball Kush Shatter 

Predicting Kushy Kushy Kushy Clouds this Autumn with our NEW 8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 Vape Cart and NEW Double Infused Shatter 8 Ball Kush Pre-Roll!

There’s so much love in the air for our 8 Ball Kush Shatter!
King Kush and Bubba Kush = 8 Ball Kush! 

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Watch for White Widow Shatter … makes the Perfect Shatter Snakes – extracted from sticky, crystally, fluffly buds with tantalizing trichomes.

There’s going to be a Slurricane of #PerfectClouds in Manitoba with a flavourful Purple Punch of terps that will dance a Dosido in your mouth.

Look for Ultra Clouds with our Master Kush Shatter!
Our MK Ultra Shatter is full of taste and texture!

Coming this Fall to ONTARIO too!

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