Infused and Filled with LOVE Shatterizer Family!

Infused and Filled with LOVE Shatterizer Family!

We are filled with LOVE and infused with LOVE and are predicting #PerfectClouds for February 14th…  Here are some strains we are in LOVE with Shatterizer Family! 

Learn more about what we love and why we love them by clicking on the strain name!

White Widow
MK Ultra
8 Ball Kush

Gorilla Blueberry OG
Garlic Jelly (New Limited Feature)
LEGEND OG (New Limited Feature)

Looking for a perfect pairing? Our 8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 Vape Cart is 100% Shatter and hand filled with 100% LOVE! It's Kushy Kushy 8 Ball Kush Shatter … in a cart. Matches perfectly with our Shatterizer vaporizer battery

We are totally infused with LOVE. We LOVE Shatter + Flower Shatterizer Family! We are loving our Shatterized cannabis perfectly prepared!
We are pre-rolled with LOVE for You  in 1 x 1 Gram Double Infused option with kief outside & shatter inside and all 8 Ball Kush...  

We love #PerfectClouds always in all ways! SO enjoy our Extracts in Shatters, Live Wax, Shatter 510 Cartridges, Double Infused Pre-Rolls ... and our newest Infused Pre-Rolls (3 x 0.5 gram)... featuring NEW Garlic Jelly (limited special)   

AND coming soon shatterized milled flower for Ground UP & Infused perfection (Featuring Legend OG). 

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Happy Valentine’s Day Shatterizer Family! We LOVE you!