Happy OIL Day Extracts Family!

Happy OIL Day Extracts Family!

We are so happy to be celebrating 710 across Canada …  

Thank you for shattering our expectations with love and support Shatterizer Extracts Family.

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There are even more #PerfectClouds in the skies all summer, everywhere and all the time (especially at 710 am and 710 pm and on 710)!

We've got KUSHY KUSHY clouds in the forecast across Canada!

We've got Ultra Love for BC!

And we’re double infused with good news to roll out in Ontario this July!

It is going to be a Perfect Summer in Alberta!

And we're expecting sunshine and white & kushy #PerfectClouds in Saskatchewan all summer long!

Happy OIL Day Shatterizer Extracts Family, we wish you a perfect 710!
Enjoy July 10, 2022!