Happy Easter Extracts Family!

Happy Easter Extracts Family!
It’s Spring!!!! And Almost Easter Shatterizer Extracts Family! We have so much to celebrate and a long weekend coming up!   

We’re BUBBLIN’ with excitement that spring is in the air, 420 is around the corner ... 

so if you are looking for something new and fresh, our Shatterizer Vaporizers and accessories section is right HERE! 


If you are you searching for our family of Extracts... there's a rainbow of #PerfectClouds on the horizon... and please check our NEWS section to see what's new Family!

It's going to be an Ultra Spring in the forecast with our MK Ultra Shatter  ... and there's webs and clusters of flavours with our White Widow Shatter  

Our Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax
 - is a mouthful of a LIVE, fresh frozen and winterized #PerfectClouds to enjoy in Ontario! 

And expect Kushy Kushy 8 Ball Kush Shatter clouds for all seasons, all across Canada!

Thank You to our shatterizing friends and family in:

Thank You for making us a hit, we'll be celebrating our Two Year Anniversary Extracts Family in early April!

Please join our our Social Family on:
And please enjoy a SLURRICANE of #PerfectClouds this spring!

Thank you for always shattering expectations Shatterizer Family! 

And have an extra HAPPY EASTER long weekend!