HAPPY 710 - OIL DAY Shatterizer FAMILY!

HAPPY 710 - OIL DAY Shatterizer FAMILY!
There are #PerfectClouds in the skies all summer, everywhere and all the time - especially at 7:10 am and 7:10 pm and on 710!
Happy Oil Day, Happy July 10th, 2023! We are so happy to be celebrating 710 always in all ways! Please join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter
Thank you for shattering our expectations with love and support Shatterizer Extracts Family. It's going to be ROCKSTAR summer … stay tuned & sign-up for our newsletter…  
Enjoy your OIL Day Shatterizer Extracts Family, we wish you a perfect 710! We're so excited to share our Family of Products across Canada!  
8 Ball Kush Shatter available across Canada and in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba 
FEATURED Garlic Jelly Shatter Infused ½ Gram Pre-Rolls (3 Pack) special to Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta

FEATURED Legend OG Shatter Infused 2 Gram Milled Flower 

Slurricane Shatter always in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan!

MK Ultra Shatter
look for #PerfectClouds in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba!
White Widow Shatter  find #PerfectClouds in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario!
 Happy 710 Shatterizer Family, from our family to yours - wishing you #PerfectClouds and a Happy Oil Day!