Featuring Ontario!

Featuring Ontario!

We've got two NEW features that have ARRIVED IN ONTARIO and they are featured with love, featuring special strains and shatterized products for a limited time! Welcome to the Shatterizer Family:

NEW: Legend OG Shatter Infused Milled Flower (2 Gram)
NEW: Garlic Jelly Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls (3 x 0.5 Gram)

NEW Legend OG Shatter Infused Milled Flower (2 Gram) 

Looking for legendary levels of THC, terpenes and a favourite well-known and unknown indica kush Shatterizer Family? Our Legend OG Shatter Infused Milled Flower comes from an OG KUSH paired with a mystery “Strain UnKnown”… 

Showcasing our favourite cultivars and products, our Legend OG Shatterizer Feature is known for a citrusy tropical taste with hoppy elements and grounded spice.

With revealing flavours originating from Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Humulene, Myrcene terps, enjoy our legendary, ground up and shatterized #PerfectClouds within a THC range of 30 – 38%.   

NEW Garlic Jelly Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls (3 x 0.5 Gram)  

Our Featured Garlic Jelly Indica is grown from Garlic Cookies and Jelly Breath. With a range in THC from 30 – 38 % our highly potent Garlic Jelly cannabis flower and shatter pairing leads to perfect clouds and maybe even cookie breath…

Enjoy tastefully pronounced and peppered rose petals from farnesene and caryophyllene and savour the refreshing lemon grass from limonene and myrcene.  

Looking for more information - please connect with val@shatterizer.com 

We look forward to shatterizing with you. Welcome to the family! 

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