Celebrating 6 Years Shatterizer Family!

Celebrating 6 Years Shatterizer Family!
Shatterizer Family - We’re so Happy to be celebrating 6 Years with you! We are so thankful for the opportunity to grow with the Cannabis Community, our Family and our Friends…
We’ve genuinely appreciated each and every day Shatterizing with You. We launched our Original Glass Shatterizer Vaporizer, QDC Quartz Dual Coils & CTECH Ceramic Coils – September 2017, six years ago! It’s been 6 years of #PerfectClouds! Happy 6th Cannaversary! 

Thanks for making our Shatterizer concentrate vaporizers a beloved device across Canada and supporting our family business!  We’re BUBBLIN’ with excitement  with #PerfectClouds always in all ways.

We are dedicated to daily perfection, from morning to night, everywhere and all the time!  We’ve celebrated birthdaze, holidaze and each and every day filled with and full of #PerfectClouds!

Since our vaporizer launch in 2017, our Shatterizer Extracts line is now available across Canada:  8 Ball Kush ShatterMK Ultra Shatter, White Widow ShatterSlurricane Shatter and our newly innovative 8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 Vape Cart and 8 Ball Kush Shatter Double Infused Pre-Roll,
we love those Kushy Kushy Clouds!
Triple Infused (Shatter + Diamonds + Kief) 1 G Pre-Roll! More good news coming this Fall, Winter & Spring and next Summer Shatterizer Family …

We’re so THANKFUL that the cannabis community loves Shatterizer as much as we do, supporting our ability to further develop and dream … we’re REALLY thankful for all the love our BUBBLER kit has received, as Matt was dedicated in-design …  We’re BUBBLIN’ with appreciation with all the kind words we’ve received, it brightens up and lightens up our day!

We’ve promised the highest level of #PerfectClouds every time with our vaporizers, accessories and ShatterizerExtracts.ca, and now we’re celebrating 6 years as a budding business! Thank You so much for this opportunity. We look forward to enjoying the future of blue skies and perfect clouds together Shatterizer Family!

 & Matt!