BUBBLER by Shatterizer is perfect for Extracts!

BUBBLER by Shatterizer is perfect for Extracts!
Thanks so much for sharing all the love Shatterizer Family! The reviews are in the news, and we are thrilled share some of the places our NEW BUBBLER’s been featured…

because ... it is perfect for our MK Ultra Shatter, White Widow Shatter, 8 Ball Kush Shatter and our Gorilla Blueberry OG Live Wax, and 19 other forms of flavourful cannabis extracts!

Also high-lighted in Extraction Magazine, thank you for featuring our new hardware feature!

We appreciate the coverage … Benzinga, MARY Magazine, Cannabis Prospect Mag, Yahoo! and our friends at the Noobie and the Doobie!

Our Shatterizer Extracts (which taste delicious in the BUBBLER by Shatterizer) debuted in High!Canada Magazine: High! Canada Magazine - Issue #62 - February 2021 by High! Canada Magazine - issuu

We are pleased to share, we were written up as being one of the kindest by our friends at KIND Magazine.