All Aboard the K-Train Ontario!

All Aboard the K-Train Ontario!

NEW ARRIVAL - WELCOME ABOARD K-TRAIN… we’ve got Garlic Jelly, Legend OG and All Aboard Shatterizer Family, we’re featuring NEW K-Train shatter infused pre-rolls in a 5 Pack!

Our NEW K-Train Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls are perfectly cured K-Train cannabis flower evenly infused with K-Train shatter - NOW AVAILABLE!

With 33-40 % THC and 0-1 % CBD, our K-Train reveals a landscape of flavour full of earthy pines and blossoming fruiting lemon trees, with a taste of licorice on the long haul. 

 VISIT OUR NEW FEATURED SECTION for Shatterized & Infused Garlic Jelly Perfection, Legend OG Ground Up Perfect Clouds and more …  

Please visit our Ontario Page - to learn more about all our Shatterizer Extracts and Breathtaking #PerfectClouds in Ontario!  

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