A Web of #PerfectClouds - NEW White Widow Shatter

A Web of #PerfectClouds - NEW White Widow Shatter

Now Available  in Ontario!
Now Available in Saskatchewan! 
Coming Soon ALBERTA: https://bit.ly/AlbertaFamily

Tantalizing White Widow trichomes extracted into a glimmering shiny shatter.

White Widow is a hybrid strain that’s global in nature and famous with deep historic roots. Shatterizer’s White Widow Shatter has a very-strong THC potency potential of 71% - 79% and CBD of 0% - 2%. This cross between a Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica, is renown for resinous white sticky crystally fluffy buds and tantalizing trichomes.  Sourced from our friends with a dense delicious harvest, our White Widow cannabis was extracted into a glimmering shiny shatter. Preserving clusters of trichomes with our proprietary hydrocarbon blend and using the highest scientific processes, become entangled in the terpenes.


Get caught in webs of flavour with a spicy bite of Beta Caryophyllene, hoppy Humulene and Terpinolene’s and Cedrene’s amber aromas of sweet cedar resin. You may also taste the chamomile calm of Bisabolol.

Our cannabis inputs are extracted using a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons. Special attention is paid to stay true to the flower, preserving the flavour, and producing high-quality extracts. Everything is tested to ensure the highest standards are met in every lot we produce.

Specially sourced and selected from the finest growers across Canada, we look for flower with the right characteristics, from THC levels to terps and flavonoids, to create the perfect extracts. Each and every lot of our Shatterizer Extract product is unique to our cannabis flowers grown, enjoy subtle and slight varieties in THC/CBD levels, taste, colour and texture.

Shatterizer Extracts are made with love in Ontario, using the highest-levels of science, technology and quality extraction methods and processes.

Please enjoy very responsibly!

BRAND White Widow Shatter
POTENCY Very Strong
THC 71% - 79% / 710 mg/g – 790 mg/g
CBD 0% - 2%/ 0 mg/g – 20 mg/g
EXTRACTION PROCESS Proprietary Blend of Hydrocarbons
TERPENES Caryophyllene, Humulene, Terpinolene, Cedrene, Bisabolol
LIGHTING Sunlight and #PerfectClouds